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Tiktok Profile with 1.2 MIL Followers

1,000,000 IN 2 YEARS

In under 2 years Jessica started and grew her account to over one million followers with the techniques that she will share with you in this course.

She is now a full time social media content creator securing 5 figure brand deals and the sole income for her family.

Not just once, but twice

Jessica wanted to test her abilities so she started a TikTok for her dog; Bali and gained 50,000 followers in just 3 months. Her husband, Alexander, has since then taken over the account and has consistently grown using the techniques taught in this course.

Tiktok Settings
All Questions Answered

Jessica will take away the stress that comes with starting a new app by walking you through everything from downloading the app, optimizing your profile, ways to grow, and more.

General Monetization Tips PDF
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With all the information comes free PDF printable's that you can use to plan content out, check things off and refer back to. PLUS pro tips from the experts!

Jessica Haizman
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Any questions that you still have upon completing the course you can ask to Jessica directly. Included in the course is a FREE 15 minute phone call to ensure you feel 100% satisfied.